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Keyword Research Services

Find the right words and how to say them with our content and keyword research services.

Keyword Research Services
keyword research services

Find Growth Through Keyword Research

Improve ranking, find new product trends and sell more, with our keyword research services.

What is good keyword research?

Good keyword research goes beyond simply identifying popular terms; it focuses on understanding the searcher's intent and the relevance of those keywords to your business. It's a strategic process that aims to match your content with the queries your target audience is actively searching for. By doing so, you set a strong foundation for effective SEO and content strategies.

do keywords still matter?

Yes, keywords are still a vital component of SEO and online marketing. While search engines have evolved to understand context and semantic meanings, keywords help signal the focus of your content. They serve as important markers that make it easier for search engines to index your content and for users to find it.

What Is Included In Your keyword research?

Our comprehensive keyword research includes an analysis of searcher intent, recommendations on language to include or avoid, and suitable headings for your content. Alongside this, we provide topical maps, video explainer summaries, and content plans. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach that encompasses not just keyword identification but also strategic content planning.

About keyword research

These days, there is a lot more to keyword ranking than stuffing them on a page or looking at keyword ratios.

Keyword Research FAQs

Our keyword research services are priced based on the depth of research required. For a conventional research project that lasts between 1-3 working days, pricing typically ranges from 600 to 1000 Euros. This includes topical maps, video explainer summaries, and content plans in addition to the keyword research itself.

You can expect to budget between 1-3 working days for a conventional keyword research project. The timeframe may vary depending on the complexity of your industry, the scale of the research, and any specific needs your project may have.

Once you receive our keyword research and accompanying insights, the next step is to implement these findings into your content strategy. Whether you’re revising existing content or creating new material, our research serves as a roadmap to elevate your online presence. We can also assist with the content creation and implementation process if you choose.

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