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Shopify SEO Management

From Shopify to Shopify Plus retailers, our team has provable experience of revenue growth through Shopify SEO.

What is good Shopify SEO?

Good Shopify SEO is about ensuring our sites meet what shoppers expect when they arrive at our stores. Do we have the right filters they want, is our font readable – does your design make me trust you?

This means more than keywords and a lot more about UX (User Experience). 

Websites that meet user expectations, show engagement signals to search engines that do more for your site than any arbitrary weekly blog post or paid for backlink will ever do for you. And while content strategies are super important, and the right links from relevant sites are still massively worthwhile, we should always start from a point of ‘Why do we deserve to rank?’.

Can I Benefit From Shopify SEO?

SEO is an optimisation channel more than a demand driver. If your brand or product doesn’t have product market fit – SEO won’t do much for you in the near term and it may mean focusing on SEO on Shopify is not a critical priority.  But if you are seeing sales, or are performing well through paid channels, it means working on your Shopify SEO could be great for you.

One key area that Shopify SEO can help any retailer investing in it – is the work done to create more engaging UX led pages. These pages will convert better when running ads and potentially help you find new areas of product to target that have previously been missed.

Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research isn’t just good for SEO, it’s good for trend spotting too. So with time spent on improving the site’s UX, conversion funnels and making data led changes to your product range – you are going to see every part of your digital marketing step up it’s game.

Why Us For Shopify SEO

As one of the world’s most popular CMS systems Shopify is used by millions of e-commerce operators around the world. Our experience in managing Shopify and Shopify Plus SEO is based on first hand experience as business owners and at the enterprise level on behalf of clients.

We specialise in growing the organic reach of Shopify stores through SEO, while working to deliver tangible results for your business using all the available tools that any high performing growth team would consider.

When it comes to Shopify SEO, our deliverable is revenue and not just traffic.

Your Shopify SEO Lead

Shopify SEO management team

Your Shopify SEO lead will be a former bricks to clicks retail founder  – David, who took one offline vape store to 30 sites and grew an online presence from a single £14.99 sale to well into six figures every month. In 2019 he sold the stores to the UK’s market leader and began consulting for retailers themselves seeking growth. 

A manually vetted Fiver Pro and Top Rated Seller with hundreds of happy clients. David has worked with everyone from London Stock Exchange listed online travel platforms to major US Gym Chains. 

Shopify SEO FAQs

We specialise in helping all retailers improve their reach, with a particular emphasis on businesses with an offline footprint (Of any size). This means – if you have offline stores but your online one struggles – we think we can help you.

We work across all retail e-commerce sectors – if you have a product to sell and need help getting it sold, get in touch.

We work on a roadmap basis as opposed to cookie cutter. This means we talk about pre-agreed deliverables and price the work based on those discussions with you. If you want the work spaced out for cash-flow reasons we can price that in. But every business is different so it’s impossible to throw our pricing with meaning. As a guide, our minimum monthly retainer is $1000 p/m.

This is always a tricky one and does depend on the work being done. But in simple terms – if the work is CTR led – then there is no reason why you can’t see measurable results in weeks. CTR work is click through rate optimisation. This is about improving your clicks from Google for existing rankings. 

If the objective is about improving rank – that comes down to sector competition and the work involved. But needless to say, we know you want to know the answers to these questions and discuss both ETAs and expectations before we even begin. 

From building Shopify SEO action plans, developing quarterly growth roadmaps to doing the implementation ourselves. We are a one stop Shopify SEO solution – all you have to do is be happy with the roadmap and we can take over.

We are an enterprise level Shopify SEO team for those who aren’t quite there yet.

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