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We help established companies protect their SEO presence when migrating their website.

web site migration services
site migration seo services

Protecting your organic traffic

Bespoke site migration services designed for enterprise-level businesses. Guided by data, working alongside your core team and focused on preserving and enhancing your SEO equity.

What Is a Site Migration SEO Service

A site migration service takes care of moving your business online from one content management system to another. For some this may be about cutting the cost of operations, for others it will be about modernisation, ease of maintenance or a change in architecture. Whatever your needs, we are here to hold your hand during the process.

Why Use Our Site Migration Services

We have used the automated services in the past for our own businesses. These rarely turn out well and lead to unforeseen second order effects down the line. From lost traffic to extensive re-design work needing doing. Migrating a site involves many working parts and many stakeholders. Having performed this at the enterprise level for large public organisations with international SEO in mind too - we know what can go wrong and we know how to do it safely.

Which Platforms Do you Work With?

We are platform agnostic, this means we can work with anything from headless commerce systems to no code builders. Maybe your business has outgrown Squarespace or Wix, or it's time to cut costs and leave Shopify for an open source alternative like Woocommerce. WordPress, Bigcommerce, Vue, Kentico and more. You use it - we cover it.

About Site Migration

Sometimes a change in CMS is needed. Whether that’s for scalability, pricing, optionality or modernisation. For whatever your need, we are here to help you preserve your legacy site SEO. 

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Site Migration SEO FAQs

We price our service based on a pre-agreed time allocations, related to the tasks and size of the project at hand. For a site migration service that includes an SEO focus, our specialist rate is £50 p/h billable rate. Smaller migration tasks such as a domain migration may incur a very nominal quantity of time, 4 hours in total, while a full e-commerce site migration could range from 50 to 500 hours. 

Every business has different needs and a different risk profile. The two co-founders of Rankdough worked on a site migration in 2022 for a major online travel agent which spanned 6 months and a dozen staff. In that scenario, a mistake could impact negatively to the tune of millions of Euros.

We are able to project manage the entire journey or consult purely on the SEO needs of a site migration. Tailoring the service to your needs making full use of the resources you may already have in-house. We ensure a pre migration audit is conducted, checklists are built for testing/staging and production and take an active role in the QA as well as exposure to test traffic.

Our task is complete when your site turns off the old CMS.

Domain Migration, providing there are no changes to URL format, (eg with www or without) – should not impact one’s SEO at all.

However there are steps to be aware of in the process and while SEO should not be impacted, mistakes can happen. Which is why you may find peace of mind letting us take care of it.

In simple terms – yes. It may be that you’ve retained the URL structure but not the internal linking framework, immediately breaking the flow of page rank to important pages. It could be that the site performance drastically changes, or an AMP structure is modified. There are many ways a site migration can impact one’s SEO, which is why it’s important to involve SEO specialists in the process.

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